Townhall meeting: Full House!

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Over 80 people packed into Artistry cafe, Jalan Pisang, in the two-hour-long town hall meeting of Project 50/100! We explained the concept. Many good questions followed, including:

  1. What is ‘alternative’?
  2. Why the name Project 50/100?
  3. How far is this project willing to go, considering that some things are not allowed by law?

We distributed Expression of Interest forms for people to let us know their project ideas or the kinds of projects that would like to work on with others with ideas. Mostly people handed them back after the meeting, but some are still coming in by email. If you wish to download the form, click below:

Expressions of Interest

We are going through the forms, and will be getting back to everyone soon!


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I am a playwright and children's book author ( and arts activist involved in Arts Engage (
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