The Online Citizen: “”Project 50/100 looks set to be quite different from SG50.”

Singapore civil society – maintaining values, evolving actions

Singapore civil society – maintaining values, evolving actions
August 27
17:59 2014

By Howard Lee

As I sat in the tiny room at the Artistry with close to 100 people, I can’t help but get the feeling I was back in that much bigger room full of trouble makers, when the Institute of Policy Studies organised its Civil Society Conference.

It didn’t take me long to realise that I was once again surrounded by people who have been pushing at the boundaries of the norms in Singapore, doing what they believe is necessary to make this country better.

Maruah's Braema Mathi speaking to civil society members at the townhall for Project 50/100.

Film makers, playwrights, lobbyists and activists, academics, artists, bloggers. Despite it being the close of the week, everyone brought a certain amount of energy to the townhall event – a briefing by the Project 50/100 steering committee to seek contributions for activities to commemorate Singapore’s 50th anniversary, but offering perspectives that are seldom seen.

Indeed, Project 50/100 looks set to be quite different from SG50.

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