Over 30 Expressions of Interest; Deadline is 15 September

We have received more than 30 Expressions of Interest — thank you all! They include some really good proposals for projects. We are going through the proposals now, and will soon be calling up those whose ideas look promising prospects for our Core projects (see description of the three different types of projects in link to “Project 50/100 Concept Proposal” just under the banner at the top of the page). We are also coming up with a Curating Guide, which is a list of things that we will look for in Core projects.

Lots of people who do not have their own projects in mind also have offered their services to help in other people’s projects. We will also be contacting you and telling what projects might interest you.

The first deadline for the submission of Expressions of Interest forms is 15 September. You can send in your forms later, but that means your chances of getting funding drop because we might have given out most of the money already! The form is found here.


About tantarnhow

Everyone has at least two sides, and this is the non-work side of me. My office and work-site (haha) are the Institute of Policy Studies (www.ips.org.sg) and http://tantarnhow.blogspot.com I am a playwright (my last play Machine was staged in 2002). I am also interested in social and political issues, including those outside my IPS research areas of arts and cultural policy, media and information technology.
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