Our logo’s launched!

The creative consultancy Fable has kindly designed our official logo for Project 50/100. The main logo is this:

50 100 Logo main  - close

The Concept

Our nation is at crossroads. The number 50 is rotated left to
signify how far we have come and the number 100 is rotated
right to represent where we are heading towards.

The slash is known as an giving alternative voice and meaning.
In a society full of voices and opinions, the logo has the
ability to evolve into emoticon-like symbols as each opinion
expresses a different viewpoint.

The neutrality of the execution allows the subject matter to
take center stage as the organizing committee plays a silent
supporting role.

Other variants of the logo are:

Logo faces Logo no words below Logo We Support 50100

Thanks very much, Fable!

About Fable

Fable is a creative consultancy led by Jiahui Tan. Working across design direction and creative content, we believe in creating works that is human and has timeless value. Clients include start-ups, government bodies, international brands, private institutions, non-profit causes and a host of independents. Works have been recognised and featured in various mediums and publications, most recently in Computer Arts and It’s Nice That. Besides heading Fable, Jiahui also serves in the committee of the Taman Jurong CACC where they work extensively to bring creativity to the community.

website – www.fable.sg
email – hello@fable.sg

Fable Logo


About tantarnhow

I am a playwright and children's book author (https://shop.epigrambooks.sg/products/sengkang-snoopers-the-mystery-of-the-hermits-hut) and arts activist involved in Arts Engage (https://sites.google.com/site/artsengagesg/).
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