Call for Writers and Artists for “22.117: The Commemorative Posters Project”

We are looking for 20 writers and 20 artists to join us to work on a series of limited-edition commemorative posters to celebrate Singapore’s 50 years of Independence.

About the Project

Inspired by the series of ‘Celebrate People’s History’ posters by Just Seeds Artists’ Cooperatives (, these posters are to feature key incidents that happened from Post-War ’45 up to Singapore’s Independence in 1965, that had most likely impacted on and shaped our road to Independence.

These posters are to present two or more narratives other than the commonly presented version.These posters do not to take sides; just as they do not serve to re-write history. The copy text to these posters can be extracted quotations or passages from books, interviews and academic research we do not often know of or newly discovered declassified documents we did have privy to previously; alongside the commonly taught and officially expounded versions.

Our job is to present through posters the various narratives that are based on thoroughly researched/sourced materials.

It is not about creating doubt; rather, it is about creating possibilities – the possibility of discerning, the possibility to think. The onus is on the viewer to come to his own understanding and conclusion after seeing these posters.

This can only further inspire the curious people, and hopefully the younger generation, to dwell further into these books and have a better understanding of Singapore’s history.

This project also hopes to raise questions about official history, hopefully making people realize that historical facts and news can too be a one-sided narration.

“History is written by victors,’ said Churchill; or did he?

While each poster is informative, every piece is an artwork as well.

Artists are invited to create 2C artworks which would be printed as one-off / limited-edition artworks. The styles of these artworks are varied – they could be letterpress, silkscreen printing, risograph, woodcut, linocut or straightforward digital prints, with some reflecting the visual styles of the period in time.

For example, for posters reflecting the early 50s, we could produce artworks using woodblock printing technique as this was how the political caricatures/cartoons were created for newspapers during that period.

The prints will be displayed in an exhibition, co-curated by Post-Museum, during which visitors are welcome to put in a bid for these one-off / limited edition artworks. The money collected from the auction of these prints will be used towards making many smaller posters cheaply – either digitally printed or created in fanzine style. These would be sold at $1 each, in public, schools or at Project 50/100 events.

Project Timeline

We would like the writings to be completed by end Dec so that the artists can get on designing the posters in Jan. We aim to print the posters in Feb and exhibit in Mar/Apr.

Contact Us

If you would like to join us in this project as a writer, artist or writer-artist team, please email and we will send you more information. Thank you.

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