Living with Myths VI: Apathy

Project 50/100 is proud of have the popular Living with Myths series as one of our affiliated projects! The next seminar in the series, Myths VI: Apathy, is now open for registration!

Living with Myths

18 December 2014, Thursday
Space 3, TheatreWorks
72-13, Mohamed Sultan Road, Singapore 239007

Myths VI unpacks the myth of apathy and backwardness in national history. Loh Kah Seng looks at how Singaporeans, such as urban kampong dwellers, have expressed their historical agency. Jack Chia traces the social activism of the Singapore Buddhist Welfare Services. Jason Lim examines the social history of an extinct trade, the trishaw riders.


1. Apathy, or How History is Written by Elites by
Loh Kah Seng
Assistant Professor
Institute for East Asian Studies
Sogang University

2. The Myth of the Inert Buddhist: Towards a History of Engaged Buddhism in Singapore by
Jack Chia
PhD Candidate
Southeast Asian History
Cornell University

3. The Trishaw Industry: From Public Transport to Myth by
Jason Lim
Senior Lecturer in Asian History
School of Humanities and Social Inquiry
University of Wollongong

Living with Myths is a monthly seminar series which explores the myths that shape our identity. The previous two sessions on Multiculturalism and Linear Narratives were fully subscribed. Register now to avoid disappointment!

For more details and to register, head on over to!

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