MARUAH Open Call for Freedom of Expression Project

There are events organised by individuals, groups, organisations for  Project 50/100. MARUAH, a human rights group, is organising with partner organisations, individuals a full-day event on Freedom of Expression. We are looking back at Singapore/Singapura and its early history 60 years ago and tracking incidents etc till the present.
We hope that through the process we will be asking ourselves questions and also provoke many others into deeper thinking on freedom(s). Are there greater responsibilities we need to take on as a citizenry, if we wish to referee our own speech without government intervention. Can this self-refereeing be done? Should there be restrictions? How do we grow as a society, as citizens, and also function at the global level.
MARUAH is keen to look for creative minds who are artists, performers, musicians, etc to work with you and explore this theme. Whether the art be visual, musical, performative or a combination, as long as it explores a facet of the importance and weight of greater freedom, we would love to work with you. While it would be ideal for the piece to provoke in the audience a reflection on this facet of freedom, the first step is your own interpretation and discussion with us as a group.
What we need is some time for research, some time for creative expression, some time to put up the show.
The show deadline is July.
We are having a meeting on March 11th at 7pm.
Please do drop us a note at if you wish to commit to this project and are ready to jump on board.
If there are organisations we are happy to partner your group if you wish to come in as a group.
So do let us know.
many thanks
MARUAH Secretariat
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