Living with Myths IX: Cultural Medallions, Poverty, Histories

Living with Myths

Monday 20 July 2015, 7.30-10.30 pm
Venue: Space 3, TheatreWorks
72-13, Mohamed Sultan Road, Singapore 239007

Living with Myths IX tackles fuzzy stories and expedient narratives. C. J. Wee Wan-ling considers Kuo Pao Kun’s cultural legacy beyond multiculturalism. Teo You Yenn examines the links between poverty, welfare and development. Mark Baildon and Suhaimi Afandi argue that the teaching multiple perspectives of history fosters good citizenship.

Join the waitlist for Living with Myths IX here or visit the Living with Myths website and facebook page to stay updated on future events!

Missed the earlier seminars in the series? Head on over to the Living with Myths Youtube playlist to catch up on all the previous sessions!

Living with Myths is a monthly seminar series which explores the myths that shape our identity. Project 50/100 is proud to support Living with Myths as one of our core projects.

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