CALL FOR PROJECTS for “Project 50/100: Alternative Narratives, New Perspectives, Other Truths”

We call on civil society groups, artists and arts groups, academics and others (such as companies, and individuals or groups of individuals) to do work or hold activities as part of Project 50/100, a series of events commemorating Singapore’s 50th anniversary organised by civil society, artists and academics.

As the name suggests, the events will look back in time to Singaporeans independence (and beyond) as well forward to the centennial. The spirit is captured in the tagline “Alternative Narratives, New Perspectives, Different Truths”. The slogan is “Because We Love Singapore”. A more detailed explanation of the project is found in Project 50/100 Concept Proposal.

There is no limit on the kind of work or activity you can do as long as it fits with the objectives stated in the concept proposal. It can range from shows, events, seminars or conferences, art works or a combination of these or other activities. Your work or activity can be on any issue or theme. Some possible themes are listed in the concept proposal.

Your work or activity can be held from September this year through the whole of 2015. The year-long official celebrations organised by the government, SG 50, will be held starting January 2015, so the earlier your work or activity is carried out, the less likelihood your audience will be fatigued from the flood of anniversary events.

If you have a proposal for a work or activity that might fall within the scope of Project 50/100, please let us know by writing to Let us know too if you just want to ask some questions. If you wish to find partners (for example, you are a civil society organisation or individual who wants to work with an artist, or vice versa), let us know so we can link you up.

We are holding a town hall meeting on 22th August 2014, 7p.m for all who are interested to ask questions, share ideas and seek partners for collaboration. The venue is the premise of Artistry, 17 Jalan Pinang Singapore 199149. Please RSVP at the Facebook page:


One Response to CALL FOR PROJECTS for “Project 50/100: Alternative Narratives, New Perspectives, Other Truths”

  1. Teo Eng Seng says:

    Remember? I’ve already started “History Within History Without” at Muse House. Currently suspended due to an exhibition going on but should be back in September.


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